Monday, July 28, 2014

Case File # 6

Date of sighting:7/27/14
Time of Sighting:10:30 PM Central
Location of Sighting: Phillipsburg KS
Object/Object's sighted: Strobe/Sphere
How many?:1
Duration of sighting:12 minutes
Weather conditions:Clear
Number of Witnesses:4
Did you or a witness obtain Photo and or Video evidence of this sighting? no
Detailed explanation of your experience: We were standing on our back deck when I noticed a very bright flash to the North East. Shortly after that is was observed a bright strobe. The object would flash white then go dark. This was observed a total of 6 times in the same area. It appeared the object was hovering in one spot. A plane came in from the east at about the same height and moved to the area where this strobe was. The strobe promptly moved from the North East to a west position and hovered again pulsing white to black. It then moved off to the South. It was still strobing while it moved.

Case File # 5

Name (optional) Kelli
Date of sighting: 07/24/2014
Time of sighting: midnight
Location of sighting: Taylor, MI
Objects sighted: Hovering white lights
How many objects sighted: 1
Duration of sighting: 10 minutes
Weather conditions: night time, clear
Number of witnesses: 3
Did you obtain video or photo evidence of the sighting?: No
Please explain your sighting in detail: I was over at my neighbor’s house using her washing machine. She and her cousin were sitting on the front porch. My neighbor came running into the house yelling for me to hurry up, come outside! There’s a UFO. I ran outside and looked to where they were pointing. Sure enough, there was something just hovering in the sky. It looked to have like a string or bar of white lights on it. I couldn't really make out the shape of it. But, it was there just hovering. Then it slowly began to move behind some trees and we could no longer see it. Just after it went out of sight, we seen a commercial airplane that was moving much faster than the object we just witnessed. So, we were positive that it was not a plane.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Stanley Hotel UFO?

The following is a still taken from Chip Coffey's video posted today at the infamous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado. I reduced brightness and contrast and then a negative image filtration. Let me know what you think? It could be just a cloud but the coloring of the object in this negative does not match up with the surrounding clouds? This has me just a bit perplexed as to what the object could be.
here is the link to Chip's Video.

Case File #4

Name (optional) Robert Langford

Date of sighting: 2013/11/06

Time of sighting: 23:30

Location of sighting: Silver City, NM

Objects sighted: light and disks to the south west

How many objects sighted: around 5-6

Duration of sighting: 30 mins

Weather conditions: clear

Number of witnesses: 3

Did you obtain video or photo evidence of the sighting?: No

Please explain your sighting in detail: I was looking out my back window and began seeing multiple lights and "disks". I don't know if what i saw is UFO's or even extraterrestrial, but it scared me and my wife. I was unable to obtain any good pictured or videos of them the whole 30 minutes i watched them. Just thought I would inform you of what i witnessed!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

8/22/13 Aguanga, CA at dusk.

It was dusk, I was watching a lightning storm to the south east of Aguanga, CA. Except for this one massive cloud where the lightning was originating from, the rest of the sky was clear. The cloud I was looking at was, like I said, massive, solid white, puffy, beautiful! As I was watching the show, I happened to notice a black, almost round object in front of the cloud. It was not exactly round, but more on the round side than the oval side. If I were to hold my thumb up at arms length in front of my face, this object was slightly bigger than my thumbnail. At first, I thought it was just a break in the cloud. However.... The object I saw was solid black. The sky was not yet black, as there was still light from the sun. The object I saw was very much darker than the rest of the sky. I also noticed that the cloud was moving, but the object was not. I watched for several minutes. I was smoking, so, it was no more than 5 minutes. After I finished, I went inside to get my mother. We went out the back door of the house so I could show her, but could not see that area of the cloud because of the tree line. I ushered her back around to the front of the house, but, whatever it was that I saw was gone. To get a good idea of how big it was, I spotted an airplane passing in front of the cloud at the same altitude of the black object. By this time, the sky was dark enough to be able to distinguish the navigation lights from the airplane. From where I was at, the lights were about the size of a pencil tip. The black object was much larger. If I had to compare the two, I would say airplane was a penciltip, black object was more like a nickel. So, for arguments sake, the plane I saw was a large passenger plane, a 747, the black object was like a football field and a half.

I spent 4 years in Marine Corps aviation and I have no reasonable explanation for what I saw on this night.